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About LedgerLite

LedgerLite is the culmination of ten years feedback from users of our old free Ledger program, LedgerPlus and other accounting systems.

Throughout this period accounting programs have become increasingly complex with dependencies on various browsers, operating systems and servers located somewhere in the cloud. Not only do they have many features not utilised by the average user, they also pose a significant security and reliability risk.

What happens when you can't get access to your financial data when you need it? And even worse, what happens when you discover someone else has access to it that you never intended?

LedgerLite has been designed to circumvent these problems. Requiring no installation LedgerLite lets you keep both program and data on a USB stick. To access your data simply plug the stick into any USB port on any Windows computer. This makes it easy to backup your data or share it with your accountant. It also lets you know exactly where your data is located at all times.

LedgerLite works the same as our old free Ledger program except for the following enhancements:
     - no installation process required
     - the program is in a single EXE file (the download file)
     - no DLL's or additional files required
     - the data for each company/entity is in a separate LLD file (a LedgerLite database file)
     - no more database configuration issues
     - better database security and performance
     - better data entry screens and reports

More Information

Please see our YouTube videos to learn more about LedgerLite.

Special Offer - 2-for-1

We're currently offering two LedgerLite registrations for the price of one. When you register for LedgerLite we'll give you a second registration absolutely free. You can use this for a second business or pass it on to a friend. After making a payment please email support@responsive.co.nz with the two names you wish to register and quote the code 001453 (to let us know you saw this ad!)

NOTE: To take advantage of the 2-for-1 offer you must register both names at the same time.

Bookkeepers and Accountants - Bulk Discount

If you're keeping the books for multiple clients each one will need its own database with its own separate registration. If you're purchasing multiple registrations we offer a bulk discount of 50% on the first 10 and 80% beyond that (effectively making it less than $30 per registration for numbers 11 and above.)

NOTE: To take advantage of this offer you must be registering all names at the same time.