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If you're looking for accounting software that's simpler, easier, better, faster, cheaper, more reliable, more flexible, more stable and more secure than any other accounting system (QuickBooks, Xero, MYOB, etc.) you've come to the right place . . .

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What The World Is Saying About LedgerLite

*     "What a value!"  - United States
*     "A masterpiece"  - Honduras
*     "Exactly awesome"  - United States
*     "Wonderful system"  - United States
*     "Just plain fun to use"  - United States
*     "LedgerLite is the easiest"  - Pakistan
*     "Very compact and portable"  - India
*     "The most intuitive and simple-to-use"  - United Kingdom
*     "You won't regret giving this software a go."  - New Zealand
*     "Accounts managed with ease and perfection!"  - Pakistan
*     "It far surpassed my expectations"  - United States
*     "8 years of flawless accounting"  - South Africa
*     "Software that is easy to use"  - Liberia
*     "Support is very helpful!"  - New Zealand
*     "I stand by LedgerLite"  - United States
*     "I love LedgerLite"  - Canada

LedgerLite Features

*     No installation or database configuration required.
*     Simply download or copy the LedgerLite EXE file to your computer or USB stick and run.
*     Non-cloud-based.  No Internet connection required.
*     Uses standard double-entry bookkeeping principles.
*     Create as many accounts as you like in your chart of accounts.
*     Create as many cashbooks as you like.
*     Import CSV data directly into your cashbooks.
*     Reconcile your cashbooks with your bank statements.
*     Attach scanned images to your cashbook entries.
*     Perform automatic tax calculations.
*     Print account statements and summaries.
*     Print ledger listings by date or account.
*     Print balance sheets, income statements and trial balances.
*     Print comparative reports with actual or budgeted amounts.
*     Print cash flow statements and financial ratios.
*     Export data in CSV format to other programs like Excel.
*     Maintain an asset register for depreciation expenses.
*     Apply depreciation expenses automatically using DB or SL.
*     Switch to client/server for multiple users.
*     Create subentities to track projects, divisions or subsidiaries.
*     Single database file easy to copy or backup.
*     Database gets created automatically when program runs.
*     Optional high-level encryption with password protection.
*     Only US$149 per company/entity with a 30-day free-trial period.
*     No ongoing fees or charges.

(NOTE: If nothing happens when you click the download link try the right mouse button and select Save link as from the pop-up menu. If you get a message saying it cannot be downloaded securely click on the down-arrow and select Keep or Keep Anyway. If you still have difficulty please see the FAQ page.)

LedgerLite Awards

           Software Informer Editor's pick award            Software Informer Virus Free award           

           GoodFirms Badge

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More Information About LedgerLite

LedgerLite Registration - only US$149*

*IMPORTANT: This is a one-time-only cost with no additional fees or charges. It means you pay once and LedgerLite keeps working forever without it costing you any more money.

After making a payment please email support@responsive.co.nz telling us the name you'd like to appear on your reports (in place of "Unregistered Software.") This can be either your own name or the name of your organization. We'll send you a unique registration code that matches the name you send us. This code gets recorded directly in your LedgerLite database so you'll always have access to your data.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Once we've issued a registration code we're unable to refund if you change your mind so please take advantage of the free 30-day trial period if you're unsure.

NOTE: If you don't have a credit card or PayPal account we can also receive LedgerLite registration fees in other currencies (rupee, yen, ruble, etc) via Western Union, MoneyGram or International Bank Transfer. Please email support@responsive.co.nz for details.

LedgerLite Testimonials

"I've spent a lot of time and money purchasing and implementing accounting software as a CFO and COO for past employers. After retirement, we needed an easy to use and inexpensive accounting program to handle a family LLC. We started just building spreadsheets rather than spend too much for a software package that we really didn't want. Then we came across LedgerLite. What a value! We've used the software for almost four years with no problems other than our own hardware issues. When those issues arose and we had to recover our data, questions to support at Responsive Software were answered promptly; like local service coming from half way around the world."
B.W., Former CFO, United States

"We have tried and retried LedgerLite and we are convinced that you have made not only the World's Simplest Accounting Software but also a masterpiece. It is simply a charm to work with it. Congratulations. In my mind, you are a genius. Like the ALL BLACK."
R.N., Business Owner, Honduras

"I am in 'LOVE' with this little program. Oh my gosh. I think I tried it once before and it didn't seem to meet my needs ... And I delved into it a little further. It is exactly awesome."
B.S., Musician, United States

"Converting from Quickbooks ('99 that still works on Windows 10) to your wonderful LedgerLite system is this nerdy bookkeeper's greatest happiness in a long, long time. I am actually excited to be doing our books again. Thank you for developing this wonderful system."
G.B., Business Owner, United States

"I just want to thank you for the great programs you write. I have had the delight of using Ledger for a couple of years now. It's simply refreshing. I am a minister, but I have done a lot of work keeping books for my own church and other churches, as well. Now, I have a couple of small businesses that require good bookkeeping.

"Over the years, I have used three or four accounting programs - in later years it has been Quickbooks. I have nothing bad to say about Quickbooks, but it has so many modules and has become so comprehensive that for a smaller business or non-profit, much of it is unnecessary and becomes unduly complex. If all that is needed is a General Ledger, your products are clearly less expensive, clearly easier to use, and clearly simpler to learn and implement.

"Today, I set up both of my businesses on LedgerLite, transferred summary data from the one that I had been keeping on your Ledger program and began entering my first data for the second business. Then I backed up my files (that couldn't be easier) and went to my grandson's flag football game with time to spare.

"From what I have experienced so far, your software works flawlessly, is sold for a very reasonable price and is just plain fun to use. I think anyone who understands the rudiments of double-entry bookkeeping would be just as excited as I am to have found your company."
J.K.R., Church Minister, United States

"I am working in a government organization as an Accounts Officer (Project), so during my job I've been using different types of accounting software since 2007, but I find LedgerLite is the easiest accounting program for understanding of accounts for beginners. It is a basic accounting program but it provides the necessary and comprehensive accounting and financial reports to the user.

"My students like this accounting program. And now each day I manage my Institute financial data on this software and am also teaching this program to my students of I.Com, BBA, & B.Com classes."
Muhammad Tariq, Al-Jannat Academy, Islamabad, Cont. +923006850373, Pakistan

"I have been using LedgerLite for the last 3 months for my personal use and found it very user friendly and easy to use. This is actually what I wanted. Though LedgerLite is very compact and portable, it is very secure and provides the required facility without having lots of extra unnecessary features. For sure, I am going to use it for a very long time."
S.Y., Business Owner, India

"I am happy to say that LedgerLite is the most intuitive and simple-to-use small business accounting system I have found, for someone with basic double-entry knowledge. It is unfussy but comprehensive enough for a sole trader - without providing unnecessary features that complicate the operation of the program."
R.D., Business Owner, United Kingdom

"I run a small business with my husband and have been using LedgerLite from the start. I had only limited bookkeeping knowledge, however this software made it possible to learn the basics in under a day. Don't mistake a simple-to-use program as a basic program, it takes really hard work to make a complicated subject as simple to use and understand as this. The one-off fee is amazing value and the support is excellent. You won't regret giving this software a go."
L.B., Business Owner, New Zealand

"I moved from an Excel-based accounting workbook to Ledgerlite in August 2015. The experience of LedgerLite has been overwhelming! It has been more than a year that my accounts have been managed with ease and perfection! The after-sales support I received from the LedgerLite team made my experience more fulfilling! Thanks a lot! I strongly recommend the existing users try the multi-user environment as it is quite safe with the new feature of user privilege management!"
U.J., Account Manager, Pakistan

"All my life I've heard people say that 'double entry' is the only way to keep financial records. I started out trying to learn about it using an Apple III and a general ledger program. At the end of my first year, the cash account showed a couple thousand dollars but my pockets were nearly empty. I got better the next year and have rather enjoyed using a 'double entry' system. After I updated my computer, I had to find a new program.

"Luckily for me I stumbled across Responsive's program. I have used it for many years, but when I again updated my computer I learned about LedgerLite. The material which I read made it sound too good to be true. But, since it was free, I gave it a go.

"It far surpassed my expectations and I am now using it for my personal use and for a small business. Among its many features, the two I like the best are the flexibility it provides in preparing printed documents, and the security provided by having all my data on flash drives rather than in a computer." E.J.S., Business Owner, United States

"Absolutely brilliant!!! That is all I have to say about this company and the easy to use, effective and reliable Ledger & Accounting software. Why? Quite simply because it makes accounting really easy, even for a layman like myself. Just try it out!! You will not be disappointed - guaranteed!

"Please understand that I had absolutely no accounting background (in 2008) when circumstance forced me to find an accounting solution that would help me manage 3x independent trusts. I cannot even begin to express the amount of responsibility and pressure that was imposed on me at the time. The trusts could not afford an accountant, nor could we buy an expensive accounting tool... So what did I do...? I asked our close friend 'Dr. Google' for some advice... :-)

"Google was quick to respond, and at the top of the list suggested the FREE Ledger application from Responsive Software. I did not know whether it was a good or bad app at the time... all I knew was it's free, so I uploaded it and started using it. I have been using it since... free of charge, without bugs or challenges and best of all, it solved my problem!! There is no turning back after 8 years of free accounting stability, reliability and simplicity. The application just works!

"I recently (Sept 2016) decided to upgrade to the LedgerLite version which allows for even more flexibility, and bought 4x licenses for a bargain price of just US$100!! I also had an opportunity to engage with Matthew (the designer & owner) to obtain some guidance during the upgrade. His responsiveness and willingness to make it work for me was exemplary. This is a man who loves his 'creation', and is willing go the extra mile (23:50 NZ local time) to help a South African client (me) on the other side of the world. Who does that these days... Awesome I say!

"I never write reviews... But after 8 years of flawless accounting, having used the Ledger software from Responsive Software extensively, and having experienced awesome customer service from Matthew, how can I not say anything and still sleep peacefully at night. Thanks for an AWESOME application Matthew!!"
W.E., Professional Engineering Technologist, South Africa

"I am working as Asst. Finance Manager at No Lemon Liberia/AMS, Monrovia, Liberia. I am also serving as financial secretary/advisor for Immanuel Baptist Church located in Wood Camp, Paynesville, Liberia. With a BBA degree in Management/Accounting from the University of Liberia, I am specialized in organizing financial systems and organization set up.

"In 2010, I was elected along with a team of co-workers to serve on our Church Finance Committee as Financial Secretary. Previously, we used an Excel Reporting Tool to generate all our reports. This task which we did for many years was a burden to us. Every month we had to copy and paste the data and formula for each separate ledger balance linked to the various reports. We had difficulty providing training to our members on our financial systems. After several attempts at googling and prayer, we finally came across LedgerLite. This was an answer to our long time cry of hiring someone to build a financial software that is easy to use and fits our system as we venture to update, transform, and improve our Church financial performance.

"Currently, we are conducting training with the program LedgerLite so that we can experience the long term benefit of making a system work and succeed. We started with two members of our Church, one a University graduate and the other a high school student, both are doing well. In fact, George, who is just in the 9th grade can use the program. Initially, we ran both programs in parallel and they have all agreed that we discontinue the use of Excel and begin working with LedgerLite.

"I have also recommended LedgerLite to so many people including my former employer and my little sister who runs her private business."
Kenneth B. Clarke, Financial Secretary/Advisor, Immanuel Baptist Church, Liberia

"I needed a program to keep track of household income and expenditure, and reconcile with the bank statement. I did a bit of research and happened across LedgerLite. It's developed and based in New Zealand (that's good,) it's a 'one-off' cost and you can keep it on your hard drive or usb stick (that's good too.)

"I found it to be a user-friendly program that is quick to get used to for a beginner like me. I like the reminders and prompts that pop up if I don't happen to get the sequence of entering information right. Support is very helpful! I am very appreciative of the help in setting up my accounts and cashbook in LedgerLite and all my enquiries were answered the same day within the hour."
K.M., Teacher, New Zealand

"I have been using LedgerPlus in order to keep up my personal transactions for approximately 2 years. I am pleased with the Ledger's ability to produce reports showing my income/expense activities and my financial position on demand or on a monthly basis. The software is user friendly and I am thrilled with the ease by which I can produce professional and actual financial reports.

"Now, I am the Chairman of a senior citizen organization which demands quality and accurate financial reporting for all of its activities. That is why I convinced the organizing committee that LedgerLite was the answer to our problem. After setting up the chart of accounts, I am fully convinced that with minimal instruction, anyone can easily operate the LedgerLite program.

"I stand by LedgerLite and recommend it to anyone who needs to implement an accounting system for Non-profits or Commercial organizations."
J.J.L., Retired Business and Accounting Teacher, United States

"I have been using LedgerLite for more than a year and I must say it is a simple, straightforward accounting software that produces final accounts that are necessary to complete your corporate tax returns. I filed my returns and the tax authorities assessed it without any questions. Other accounting applications are atrociously expensive and very complex and have super fancy features that are never used. I love LedgerLite."
J.P.M., Business Owner, Canada

Countries That Are Using LedgerLite

Australia, Bahamas, Bangladesh, Belgium, Botswana, Cameroon, Canada, Cayman Islands, Costa Rica, Egypt, Finland, France, Germany, Ghana, Honduras, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Kiribati, Kuwait, Liberia, Malaysia, Malta, Mexico, Mozambique, Netherlands, New Zealand, Nigeria, Pakistan, Panama, Philippines, Puerto Rico, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Seychelles, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Switzerland, Tanzania, Thailand, Tuvalu, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States, Vanuatu, West Indies, Zimbabwe