Mission Statement

To provide every business (big or small) with the opportunity to make an affordable investment in high-quality customized software that becomes an asset to it in the years ahead (instead of a liability!)

Fundamental Objectives

To encourage business owners to take ownership of and responsibility for the information systems upon which their business depends.

To increase the general awareness and understanding of the true nature of software and the software development process.

To create an atmosphere of openness and honesty surrounding the long-term implications of a decision to invest in business software.

To encourage software practitioners to be accountable for the quality and the hidden costs of the services they provide.

To open up real opportunities for software developers to meet the needs of a business with customized software at a price they can afford.

To assist software developers to improve their technical skills, quality-focus and personal discipline in the practical pursuits of business analysis, software design and computer programming.

To change the prevailing software development paradigm from that of a short-term monolithic approach to a long-term incremental approach that recognizes the potential future needs of the business.

To build software systems without strings attached i.e. systems that have no ongoing licence fees or restrictions on the use or modification of the software in order to meet the future needs of the business.

To build software systems that are upwardly scalable from the outset i.e. systems that can handle unlimited amounts of data, large numbers of users, increasing levels of complexity and perform well over a LAN, WAN or the Internet.