The Responsive Software Framework

     Secure High-Performance Business Software - Without Limits!

      Featuring -

      *  Client/Server 3-Tier Architecture
      *  Reliable Database Management
      *  Secure Data Communications
      *  Single Language -> Single Executable
      *  Clear Well-Documented Delphi Source Code
      *  Proprietary And Not Open Source
      *  Runs On All Versions Of Windows
      *  Proven Real-Life Business Application
      *  Excellent Platform For Customization
      *  No Additional Ongoing Licence Fees
      *  General Ledger & Cashbook Accounting System
      *  Retail & Point-Of-Sale (POS) System
      *  HTTP Server For Integrated Websites
      *  Document/Image Repository

What's Different About Our Framework?

Building (and maintaining) an application to run on a client machine regardless of web browser or operating system is a non-trivial task affordable mainly to those on unlimited budgets. Moreover the number of diverse and complex technologies programmers must learn (not to mention master!) to build even the simplest enterprise-level applications has put customized software beyond the reach of all but the largest organisations.

Our Framework provides an effective solution to these problems by making it possible for a competent Delphi programmer to build a secure reliable enterprise-level system that runs on all versions of Windows in a fraction of the time it takes using the methods and technologies currently in vogue in the development community.

Our Framework is based on a simple robust model that (if followed carefully) will significantly ease by an order of magnitude the development, deployment and maintenance of a business application of arbitrary complexity without compromising its flexibility. (Delphi allows full access to the computer's resources through the Win32 API.)

Applications built on our Framework compile to a single executable that runs in different modes depending on a command-line option supplied in the Windows shortcut properties. In client mode the program connects to the same executable running in server mode using a secure encrypted binary protocol via a single TCP/IP port.

Our Framework separates both the user interface and the business logic from the database with a simple transparent object layer that sits atop a relational database. It also provides an efficient communication mechanism allowing a client to stream data to and from the database and other connected clients via the server.

Because our Framework uses a single language compiling to a single executable that acts as both a client and a server development and deployment are vastly simplified. There are no complex interfaces or dependencies to track allowing the developer to concentrate his effort on solving the business problem rather than the technical problem.

Our Framework was developed from the need to provide real-life business solutions to our clients on limited budgets. It did not originate in academic (abstract) or corporate (extravagant) settings but rather in business (economic) settings where it has proven effective in bridging the gap between the business owner and the software developer.

Delphi Programmers

Leverage your Delphi skills by creating your own customized business solutions for your clients. Download our proven Framework source code now and save yourself three and a half years of hard work! This is the generic business application we used to build LedgerLite, LedgerPlus, Retail, GenFinII and other customized systems in commercial production.

You don't need .NET to avoid DLL hell and you definitely don't need AJAX to build powerful Internet applications. Our Framework lets you create a 3-tier client/server application (with a built-in Web server) in a single executable that runs on all versions of Windows. And you can do it all using your own favourite language!

If you're tired of struggling with poorly designed and unnecessarily complex code written by second-rate programmers in a variety of languages then you need our Framework. Don't let the Web 2.0 pundits lead you down a blind alley . . . do your clients and the programmers after you a favour and get our source code now before you start your next job.

Programmer's Notes

The Framework consists of a single Delphi application. The PAS and DPR files for this application can be viewed online together with the programmer's notes for each file. (These files together with the matching DFM files and other resources needed to compile the program are included in the source code download.)

We have also created a relationship diagram to give you an overview of the database used by the Framework. Each table in the database has its own class derived from TDatabaseObject in DatabaseObjects.pas.

The Data Security Problem - The Ultimate Solution!

To say it in the simplest and clearest terms possible - the browser was never designed to be a software development platform. Instead it was intended to make information easily accessible to the public at large using hyperlinks. A secure browser-based application (an oxymoron if there is such a thing!) is actually an expensive unwieldy kludge - a clever sophisticated kludge maybe - but a kludge nevertheless.

In essence the data security problem began when software developers switched from traditional client/server architectures to browser-based architectures without any regard for the fundamental difference that exists between an IT user inside an organisation and one outside (i.e. a member of the public.)

However by using a hybrid architecture with protocols as they were originally intended - client/server within the organisation and HTTP only when necessary to provide access to the public - and by combining everything into a single application allowing a single controlled access point to the database - applications based on our Framework are able to provide a comprehensive solution to the data security problem.

Non-Commercial Licence

Allows you to download the entire Framework source code and use it for non-commercial purposes only. Neither the source code nor the licence may be transferred to a third party.


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Commercial Licence

Allows you to use the Framework source code in your own commercial application(s) either for your own use or to distribute in compiled form. However neither the source code nor the licence may be transferred to a third party.

US$3,650 (commercial)

Includes 10 hours of FREE technical support.

Transferring Source Code

Our source code is not open source. If you need to transfer source code that includes our Framework to a third party they will also need to purchase the appropriate licence.