LedgerLite Registration - US$50

IMPORTANT: This is a one-time-only cost with no additional fees or charges. It means you pay once and LedgerLite keeps working forever without it costing you any more money.

After making a payment please email support@responsive.co.nz telling us the name you'd like to appear on your reports (in place of "Unregistered Software.") This can be either your own name or the name of your organization. We'll send you a unique registration code that matches the name you send us. This code gets recorded directly in your LedgerLite database so you'll always have access to your data.

NOTE: If you don't have a credit card or PayPal account we can also receive LedgerLite registration fees in other currencies (rupee, yen, ruble, etc) via Western Union or MoneyGram. Please email support@responsive.co.nz for details.